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7 Leadership Essentials

for Innovative Leaders

PIONEERING: 7 Leadership Essentials for Innovative Leaders is a guide and workbook for pioneers, leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers who desire to create and build upon new ideas and concepts, strategically. Author Sheika Petteway shares personal experiences, as well as tips and tools for new and growing pioneer leaders in the areas of:


  • Self-discovery

  • Strategic planning

  • Maneuvering through mental and behavioral roadblocks

  • Keys to financial success 

  • The importance of having a healthy support system

  • And so much more!


Pioneering is a journey. Sheika shows you through these key essentials that you don’t have to go through it alone. Each chapter is filled with insight, worksheets, and prompts especially crafted and designed to help you grow as an innovative pioneer. Order your copy, TODAY!




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Sheika Petteway, the Renaissance Woman of her time, is known as a charismatic leader, influencer, visionary, and serial entrepreneur. Sheika has served in different capacities in the education, corporate, community, and faith-based industries (learn more by clicking onto her media kit).

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